Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bigger, Bolder, Better

Bathrooms…when it comes to design, there’s few rooms of the house that get so much attention. Dark and bold, ornate and elegant, sparkling hotel-like glitz, floral femininity – there are so many different bathroom looks that seem to be constantly spinning on the fashion wheel. In short, bathroom renovations are never dull, and if you want yours to be up-to-date its worth doing a little research. Luckily we’ve got a few hot tips! These trends were hugely popular with our customers in 2014, and look set to continue blazing into the new year. So read on for some bathroom renovations inspiration!

Curbless Showers

One of the biggest and most exciting trends in bathroom renovations this year has been the shift towards curbless showers (or walk-in showers). Traditional showers are built with a step of about 4-6 inches at the entrance and sealed glass doors all around. But now designers are ditching the curb completely, and opting for shower floors that are level with the rest of the bathroom. These curbless showers (or walk-in showers) have a seamless and flowing modern look, and create the illusion of bigger space. A wide, monsoon like showerhead will enhance this sense of luxury even further.

Curbless showers do require careful planning, however, and they won’t work in every bathroom. For one thing, curbless showers without walls need to occupy a larger space, as this helps keep splashes within the shower area. If your bathroom is small you may want to consider an angular floor instead – a gentle slope down to the curbless shower on all sides can help drainage. If you’re really worried about flooding, floating vanities and cabinets provide an extra level of security and keep your possessions safe. With careful planning and construction a curbless shower can be a gorgeous addition to your modern bathroom.

Floating Vanities

The look for bathrooms this year has been all about cleanliness and simplicity. Floating vanities are one way of achieving this, as they take up less room and show off your tiling. Eliminating vanity legs also creates more space and makes cleaning the floor easier. If you’re concerned about storage, you can still have cabinets combined with your vanity – just make the whole thing elevated.

Black is Back

When it comes to colour, simple monochrome themes have been all the rage for bathrooms this year – and this trend looks set to continue. Dark colours are simple, elegant, and easy to keep clean. When blacks and greys are used for tiling or large surfaces, they provide a great contrasting background to your glistening modern fittings and appliances. There are a few things to keep in mind though, as you don’t want the bathroom to become too cave-like. Plan your lighting carefully, and always use high quality materials and fixtures to keep the overall look classy. You’ll need to make careful choices about where you use sleek, polished or matte surfaces, as dark polished areas can pick up handprints and marks easily. And finally, if you have a small monochrome bathroom remember to enhance the illusion of space by minimising clutter and using mirrors strategically.

Here at Create Renovations, we’ve got years of experience renovating bathrooms (as well as new builds, recladding and refurbishments) so we’re happy to provide advice about what will best suit your needs. We’ll guide you through the whole process, and help with initial conceptual plans as well as full project management and installation. So if you’re looking for an Auckland builder or in particular, a North Shore builder, get in touch. We pride ourselves on creating some of the best bathrooms in Auckland. We’ll be back with more bathroom trends in a few weeks, so keep an eye on this blog!



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