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Planning a home renovation is exciting, but it can also feel like you’ve taken a lot on. There are so many decisions to make – budgets, consents, ideas, and everything in between. Imagine going into your home renovation project with confidence.

Knowing you’ve got experts to help you navigate the complexity and demands of your project. So your vision really does come to life before you.

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PLAN. DESIGN. Renovate.

What are you wanting from your home renovation?

  • Create an extra room
  • Better indoor-outdoor flow
  • Turning small, pokey spaces into spacious new rooms
  • Creating a more practical layout for your lifestyle
  • Kitchen and bathroom makeovers
  • Improving your outdoor living spaces

We work with you from design to completion.

Helping you to make the most of your home’s great features while
re-modelling or renovating the areas that need attention.


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Auckland Home Extension Projects

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With an incredible team we’ve completed 200+ full-scale home renovations and thousands of smaller home renovations for Auckland residents over the years.

This means we not only have thousands of happy clients in Auckland who trust our expertise and professionalism, but we’ve also created a smooth and streamlined home renovation process.

1. In-home consultation

Meeting with you at your home provides us with a clear guide for what you want to achieve and what budget you have in mind.

2. Concept plans/drawings

Now you get to see your dream come alive in concept designs. Concepts enable you to visualise what your renovation will look like in 3D.

3. Quote/Estimate

Create Renovations quotes are comprehensive so you can have peace of mind as you go into the build phase.

4. Renovate

The build phase is the most exciting part of a renovation. Our  expert project managers deal with any bumps in the road and keep you informed at all times.

The definitive guide to renovating your home on Auckland’s North Shore

When beginning to think about a renovation project you will have an idea as to why you’re renovating. It may be to improve lifestyle, for profit, or is it to ensure you meet local compliance standards?

Everyone has their own personal reasons and drivers for renovating. Understanding the core function, or outcome you want to achieve is the first step in getting things done right.

On the North Shore people generally renovate for lifestyle purposes, to create more room and to improve the look and feel of a home. This is usually due to a recent life event, such as a growing family or a new home purchase. And that’s when it’s time to start your research, so without further ado, let’s get cracking with the North Shore Renovations guide!

Your Personal Time
Renovations can be demanding, especially if you don’t have your ducks in a row. Be prepared to spend time researching, coming up with design ideas, making decisions as well as talking with other third-parties (banks, insurers) to get things set up correctly.

Living Conditions
Living in a semi-renovated home may require temporary changes to your lifestyle and sleeping arrangements. You may need to forego some creature comforts in the short term so the team can get things completed on time. Obviously we will guide you through these changes with plenty of notice, so there will be no surprises.

It is of the upmost importance to have a realistic idea of what you can afford to spend, and what actual industry standard costs look like in comparison. Do they line up with your expectations? Here you will likely need some input from a qualified North Shore renovations specialist, and the best way to handle this is through an in-person consultation with our team. 

Project Timings / Duration
There is no set time for a renovations project, as each one is unique. However on average you can expect a decent size house renovation on the North Shore to take around 6 months to complete if you are doing a kitchen & bathroom, or a small extension for example. Obviously these things don’t happen overnight! However if you decide to change the project scope mid-way through, and for example, add on a new deck, this will impact the original project timings.

Work & Professional Considerations
Make sure your manager at work and your colleagues are all aware of your project. This is to manage their expectations when you’re having to take time off, and so they can support you through the process. At times you’ll need make decisions and be present on site – this is due to law and the building act, sometimes the home-owner must be present for certain decisions and sign off. Our project managers will keep you updated with all of these activities and endeavour to provide as much notice as is possible to make your life a little easier.

While your reading this you’ll know whether or not you want to play a big part, or no part at all in the design process. If you are of the latter, no worries, we can take care of the design, look and feel for you. All we’ll require is a little direction from you.

As we all know, everyone is different. And just like us, no two renovation projects are the same. Sure we can template some things that will add efficiencies to your project, but your renovation will be completely and undoubtedly unique.

However, if you are wanting to get involved in the creative aspect, the first step is to combine your creative vision with ideas online and in print, to create a mood board that will mould the look and feel of your renovation. Once this is complete we will put you in touch with a designer to help get these ideas refined into practical working drawings of your project.

What’s the best way to keep all of my images, and ideas in one place?
It is of the upmost importance to have a realistic idea of what you can afford to spend, and what actual industry standard costs look like in comparison. Do they line up with your expectations? Here you will likely need some input from a qualified North Shore renovations specialist, and the best way to handle this is through an in-person consultation with our team.

Time to prioritise
Is your dream renovation…practical? A key part of planning is confirming your needs versus your wants, and prioritising..It sounds simple, but cross referencing your NEEDS versus how much you can AFFORD will give you some good insight into how many extras you can add to the project scope.

So once you’ve decided the broad idea of what you’d like your renovation to be (eg. add an additional bedroom and ensuite, or a new kitchen and bathroom renovation) then you can start working through some of the additional priorities.

To get started, look at the list below and decide which of these additional elements are important to you:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart-Home Technology
  • Premium Materials & Fittings
  • Eco-friendly building

When it comes to planning our team are more than happy to assist you with this thinking. So feel free to get in touch if you’d like some obligation free guidance.

The North Shore was predominately a holiday destination, much of our coastline was filled with classic weatherboard villas that served as holiday homes. Now that the North Shore is a city in its own right, many people are still working with the confines that a house originally meant to be a bach brings. 

These issues can be not much indoor/outdoor flow, outdoor areas facing away from the sun, small and pokey spaces, tiny bathrooms and configurations that do not work as well with modern life. 

Create Renovations can work with you from design to completion, making the most of the natural features of your house while re configuring, extending and updating to help you achieve a house that works for your lifestyle.

The North Shore has some very unique building conditions within Auckland. With an undulating hilly landscape, cliffs and expansive clay foundations the North Shore offers some building challenges. 

Using a local North Shore building team means you are getting experts in dealing with these issues. We know the best ways to utilise and avoid these challenges and how to extend your house to make the most of your space. We very commonly do basement dig outs on the North Shore, to make the most of the space under your pole house.

You need to make sure you have the right team handling something as technically difficult as this. Especially due to the clay nature of the soil which can cause collapses. We make sure that your renovations auckland build is done safely and to the highest quality. 

The North Shore is a coastal environment and one that requires quality materials to ensure the longevity of your renovation. 

Our Local North Shore Building team have a great understanding of what materials should be used in these conditions to ensure your renovation stand the test of time.

From stainless steel bolts, treated timber and the right cladding we have your best interests at heart. Our Renovations come with a 10 year guarantee. We are also Certified builders as well as licensed and qualified. 

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