Glenfield Renovations

Being North Shore residents, we have completed many Glenfield renovations over the years. We are proud to say we have a loyal group of customers in the Glenfield area.

Generally speaking, Glenfield renovations offer many opportunities for all types of homeowners to improve their dwelling, be it for profit or lifestyle reasons. If you are looking to take the next step in your project, make sure you take advantage of our knowledge. We offer Glenfield residents a FREE session with our qualified renovation consultant. 



IMG 5738 resized-636Location, Location, Location

One of the more attractive suburbs in Auckland, Glenfield offers many conveniences to local residents - fast motorway access, primary & secondary schools, the Glenfield mall and a plethora of entertainment options. Being right in the heart of the North Shore, Glenfield homes also have a high value for resell.

When speaking to our customers we've discovered that they are usually renovating for lifestyle purposes, but understand the cost-benefits of a renovating and the value it will return when they go to market.

When undertaking a Glenfield renovation, we will talk with you about your budget to ensure that you get the highest quality return on your investment. 


Home Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer

Although a great suburb, due to its geographic layout Glenfield homes can suffer from unwanted mildew and condensation in the winter time, leaving residents cold and damp. From a health perspective this is dangerous and can lead to flu symptoms and take a negative effect on the health of your home too.

To tackle this we always build to ensure you stay warm in winter and cool in the hot summer periods. Through the proper use of insulation, and through our partnerships with AC subcontractors, we will design a home that is temperate all year round. That way you don't have to worry about leaks, dampness and unwanted mould in your home.

Equally in summer, you will enjoy a cool home, with light coming through to keep the home light but not beaming in all of the heat of the sun. You can have the option for climate control at your fingertips if you wish, and we can set up shaded areas for outdoor entertaining with friends and family.


IMG 1039-808-626-434Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

The most popular style of renovation in Glenfield is definitely the Kitchen & Bathroom renovation. Modernising the two most used rooms in your home has a massive impact on the quality of life for residents, as you'll enjoy all the creature comforts that come with new technology, such as heated tiling, demystified mirrors and smarter open-plan layout.

We love it when residents tell us about their new found love for cooking and entertaining after their Glenfield renovation is completed.

To get the look and feel right, you'll have the option to work with our designer, so you can include the layout, colours and fittings you'd like used in the project - this way you can achieve your dream renovation.  


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