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Create Renovations Step by Step Home Renovation process makes renovating your home simple and smooth.

We manage your renovation project or new build from concept to completion.
Create Renovations looks after you with qualified and experienced builders/project managers providing one point of contact.
Let's have a look at the service we offer when you renovate with us.


Consultation 1. What Can We Help You Achieve?


Set Your Goals

The first and most important part of your renovation is the start, when one of our qualified builders/project managers meets with you to listen and understand exactly what you want to achieve. Meeting with you in a consultation provides us with a clear guide for what you want to achieve and what budget you have in mind. Whether it's a kitchen renovation or a renovation to create more indoor/outdoor flow, this is the time to bring these goals up and throw around some general ideas.


Draw From Our Experience

As qualified and licensed Auckland renovation builders, and design and new build experts we are more than capable of creating your dream renovation. During the consultation you can draw from our industry knowledge of renovation extensions, even if it's something as simple as water getting into a fan grill from a previous bathroom renovation, we are happy to help out and further your knowledge where we can.

Renovations Team 1

Renovations Kitchen 1

Concepts2. Concept Designs 


Work On Concepts

Now you get to see your dream come alive in concept designs. Concepts enable you to visualise what your renovation will look like in 3D. During the concept phase you are able to make changes as you go along, ensuring you get a chance to make sure your renovation is the way you want it. It is invaluable to know exactly what you want before a renovation begins, changing your mind about the position of things after the build has started will cause numerous problems!

Because we guide you through the design phase Create Renovations will help to ensure your designs stay within your budget. There is nothing worse than having designs drawn that you can’t afford to build


Submit Working Drawings To Council

Now that your concepts are finished its time to get started on detailed working drawings. When these are finished they will be submitted to Auckland Council if it is needed for building consent. Create Renovations uses experienced designers who provide quality plans and manage the consenting process. Council consents can be confusing and stressful to manage but Create Renovations provides one point of contact so you are kept in the loop at all times. The better the quality of plans that are submitted to council the smoother the process will go. That is why it is important to know that you are getting designs of a high calibre.

Quote3. A Comprehensive Quote


Review Pre-Consent Estimates

During the concept phase you will have been given estimates along the way so you will have an idea of what the costs may be. During the council application process they may have requested changes, or regulations may of changed some things. Now we have the consented plans Create Renovations can quote your build.


Add On Fixtures To Suit 

Our experienced builders/project managers use the latest quantity surveying technology to put together a thorough and comprehensive quote. The relationships we have with suppliers mean you get great value for money. Our qualified builders/project managers will ask you questions in this phase about added extras you may want, such as tiles, fixtures and fittings.

Create Renovations quotes are comprehensive so you can have peace of mind as you go into the build phase.

Renovations Team 2

Extensions Build

p44. Start Renovation Build



Break Ground With Peace of Mind

The build phase is the most exciting part of a renovation, however it can be painful if you don’t have the right team looking after you. We use qualified experienced builders overseen by licensed and qualified project managers. It is important that you know that whoever is managing your build has the qualifications and experience to get the job done right. Create Renovations uses only the best materials and build to the highest standards. We stand by our workmanship and you have the peace of mind with our 10 year guarantee.


Stay Informed At All Times

Renovating your home can be stressful as you may be without crucial things such as kitchens and bathrooms. Some clients choose to move out if they are going to be without important services such as kitchen and bathroom so we give you a clear timeline so you know what is happening and when you can move back in. In any renovation there may be bumps in the road if previous issues in the house are discovered however Create Renovations expert project managers deal with all issues and keep you informed at all times. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and this is crucial in any renovation.

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