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Looking For Home Extension Design Ideas? Create Renovations Have You Covered.


We work with designers who can draw up plans to suit your unique style and budget. Take a look at some of the work we have done below.

Need a little home extension design inspiration? From architectural design to interior colour ideas Create Renovations have a team of professionals who have hundreds of ways to find you the best house extensions auckland solution. Remember you want to get the job done accurately, on time and within budget. But for now, get inspired and have a look through our gallery of Home Extension Ideas.

Coming up with creative ideas and organising them can be a big job. So here are a few Extension Design Idea tips we provide our clients to help them through this sometimes puzzling part of the process.

1. Create A Mood Board

This can be done the old fashion way with magazine cut outs on a pin board, or with user friendly digital apps like Pinterest or Houzz. Also check out our extension design ideas for architectural design examples of what can be achieved.

2. Be Creative But Think Logically 

We love it when our clients get inspired! That's one of the main reasons why we love to do the job we do. But we also know the pitfalls of getting carried away. Think about how your new auckland home extension will improve day-to-day living, and what it's purpose will be. By starting off from a practical point of view, you will have a better platform to be creative with later on.

3. What Are You Wanting To Achieve?

There are many reasons why people want a House Extension, sometimes they want to improve the value of the property, other times it is to cater for their growing family. Be serious about what your goals are, write them down and let us know how we can help you achieve them. At this stage, you may not want to think about extension costs, but we recommend you at least try to stay slightly realistic!


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House extension design

It is quite normal that your family outgrows the living space. You have several variants: move to a bigger house or to extend your old one. The latter variant is cheaper and has many other advantages:
  • Your children don’t have to part with their friends;
  • You don’t have to get acquainted with new neighbors;
  • Your garden remains the same, there is no need to plant new trees or to line artificial ponds.
After all, nobody wants to leave his familiar environment for some unknown places. So why move, when you can improve?

The first step is to work out house extension design, better entrust this task to qualified designers, who’ll prepare a detailed reconstruction project and provide you with 3D images, so you can see beforehand what your house will look like in the end.

Certainly there are many enterprises in your region, offering the whole range of building services. Employ architect who can thoroughly examine your house particularities and propose you the most fitting solutions. Also you will be able to set your budget before the construction works start.

There is no common rules concerning home extension design, it all depends on customer’s requirements. Some may desire to get a loft conversion; some may like to adjust non-residential premises for living. For example, it is very popular to move your kitchen and dining-room into basement, where you used to store unneeded stuff.

The most expensive type of home extension is building some additional rooms or floors. It may require receiving some special permission to build additional floors. Reputable construction companies will render assistance in that tedious paperwork. The overall cost will rise, but it will be less expensive than new house purchase.

Ground-level extension is the easiest way to expand your living space. You will have new rooms for your children, or you may like to have a covered swimming pool or an indoor garden. Very important point is finishing, all the walls must be of the same colour and texture. Only experienced builders will manage to do the work, so the result meets your requirements.