House Extension Costs

How Much Do Auckland Home Extensions Cost? Read Below To Get A Rough Idea Of The Costs Involved.


...The answer will differ from project to project of course. The good news is with our extension experience we can give you an idea of feasibility and potential costs based on the home extension job itself.

It is important to have scope when you are moving toward a house renovation project, and therefore the extension costs of your house renovation are extremely important. We suggest you get a quote for your extension so that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved for your project.


In Auckland there are a number of main areas that you may need to allocate budget for:

  1. Professional and Reliable Tradesmen & Subcontractors
  2. Good Quality Materials
  3. Council & Resource Consent
  4. Architectural Drawings
  5. Quantity Surveyor
  6. Geotechnical and Structural Engineer



1. Qualified Tradesmen & Subcontractors

The Tradesman and Subcontractors cost is one of the areas you will need to allow for, and depending on the size of your project this will vary. The first thing to remember is that most builders charge out at an hourly rate. BE CAREFUL, you will likely get a cowboy if you go for the very cheapest option! People who go for the cheapest builder usually regret it a year or two down the line.

At Create Renovations we pride ourselves on only doing the very best quality work on your house extensions Auckland. We look at your short and long term goals and do work that will stand the test of time. This cost will be included as part of the quote and we will identify the most cost-effective approach to ensure you have the best builders and project managers available at your disposal.

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2. Modern, Quality Materials

How much do materials cost and contribute to the overall budget? This is hard to predict before you have a good understanding of exactly what sort of extension it is you want - but we are happy to talk about this with you when you get in touch.

With Create Renovations you will get the best advice on up-to-date quality materials selected with longevity in mind. We use high quality materials, with guarantees in place so that you have peace of mind that your extension will be built with longevity and quality in mind. We also make sure all of the materials we use stand up to council regulations and codes and provide stability and a great looking finish.


3. Council & Resource Consents

During our consultation process we will talk you through the process involved, and the costs associated with getting consent from the Auckland Council for your Home Extension. But if you want some very brief info...

There are two main acts that you will need to follow in order to get consent, The Resource Management Act and The Building Act. To get consent you need to be organised and of course allow for surveyors and other costs in your extension budget.

Of course this is all part of Our Process, and we are happy to guide you through this part of your project when you contact us and we catch up in person.


4. Architectural Drawings

There are many ways to engage an architectural firm - and some cost more than others. For example if you work with a designer independently, chances are you will incurr additional costs, and potentially cost yourself more expense down the line, so once again be very careful here!

To save you time and money we have a dedicated professional home extension designer who will draw up your ideas and concepts, in conjunction with advice from Create Renovations.

Once this is done you will be able to review the designs and make any changes, as it's important that you are satisfied with the creative concept before we move forward. At the end of the day it's all about you being happy with the overall outcome.

Wondering what the drawing look like? Check out our extension design ideas page for some examples of home extension architectural drawings.

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