2017 Top Renovation trends

Want to beat the Jones's? Here are the most innovative renovation ideas for this year!




#1 The U socket!images

With the amount of Apple devices in homes these days, why not get your Auckland/North Shore builder to install one of these while he is renovating your house? Great idea! You will never again worry about losing your Iphone charger. 


#2 The no curb showerdownload

With our ever busy lives, showers are more popular than baths. Nothing screams modern as much as this curbless shower. Creating a wet room in your bathroom is a great way to enhance the luxurious feel of this space. This bathroom has a seamless flow into the shower and is truly a space that you would love to use! Talk to our Auckland and North Shore builders at Create Renovations about how this can be achieved in your bathroom. 


#3 Stand-Alone tubs 
0 modern white tub with tv beige modern bathroom view of city at night stand alone oval sleek soaker tub towel shelf and tv unit(copy)(copy)

This is one of my personal favourite renovation trends of the last few years. A stand alone tub is a beautiful statement piece in your bathroom. Again the trend this year is trending towards the luxurious and this certainly hits the mark! Imagine a cold winters night spent sipping wine in this gorgeous tub! Create Renovations project managers/builders can help you design your ultimate bathroom ensuring your stand alone tub is shown to its full potential! 


#4 Floating shelves WhiteKitchenDIYNov9 large(copy)

With space getting tighter and tighter, creating an illusion of more space is a key renovation trend. Floating shelves are an excellent was of doing this as they increase the floor area of your kitchen/living space or bathroom, tricking the eye into thinking the space is bigger. We have seen this trend in a lot of renovations this year that we have been involved in North Shore and Auckland. As quality builders we can even custom make beautiful quality shelves for any purpose wanted. Our kitchen cabinet makers can also help you to design your kitchen with floating cabinets, giving your kitchen a high end,
modern and spacious look.