Home Design Trends - Old Meets New

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Gone are the days when you can walk into an old house, say 50 years plus, and expect the original interior to be intact and unchanged.  Often villa-interiors aren’t as comfortable as their modern counterparts which means getting a house extension, recladding or refurbishment on your old house can make the most of both worlds. If you don’t want to do the full shebang, a simple bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation can also work wonders on modernising your home. Here Create Renovations will tell you how to jazz up your old home with new fittings or ensure your modern home has timeless style with old-fashioned trends.

Old Homes


Villas built in the early 1900s are prevalent throughout New Zealand and are absolutely exquisite. Their elegant villa facades are framed with filigree, spacious decks, steel pressed ceilings and other classic features. They often have good, solid bones made from native timbers that will stand the test of time.


However when they were built society wasn’t aware of modern-day comforts, they didn’t know what they were missing out on. Old homes often have poor insulation, small dark rooms, vintage wall paper, tiny kitchens, no indoor/outdoor flow and cold bathrooms.


But now you can get the best of both worlds. With a simple home extension we can:

  • Open up spaces
  • Blow out the back of your house to make more room
  • Lighten up rooms with additional windows and French doors
  • Install super warm insulation
  • Renovate your kitchen to spacious modern standards
  • Renovate your bathroom to accommodate hygienic, new facilities


vintage living room 1047-246-842New Homes


Entirely new homes have their downfalls too. Often if a house has been pumped out from a kitset model in the last few years it lacks character. It can have a ‘too new and shiney’ feel where furnishings appear sterile, and you feel like you have to tiptoe over the carpet in socks incase you knock something out of place.


You very rarely see new homes built in the old villa style, simply because it’s too expensive now. Hand carving every little poll on the balcony would cost you much more than installing a plain glass or wooden balustrade. Instead modern homes are often built with a clean, simple aesthetic as it is easier, cheaper, and more comfortable than building homes the old-fashioned way.


We recommend taking a leaf out of the vintage book and using deep warm woody tones to achieve warmth and a feeling of comfy homeliness. Using antique furniture in modern spaces can also look marvellous as the blank new home serves as a great backdrop to show off intricate antique furniture.


If you have any further queries or would like to start your journey towards a modern old-house or timeless new-house contact our builders in North Shore, they’re experienced in refurbishments, recladding, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations and house extensions plus they offer helpful guidance. When you’re ready to install insulation or add on to the back of your home make sure to give our Create Renovations builders in Auckland a call.