Auckland renovations kitchen trends 2016

Food is a vital part of family life - it brings a family together at the tip and toe of every day, providing a time to talk. The best place for these conversations to take place is when the family congregate for main meals in the kitchen. Therefore it’s vital that your kitchen design is a happy healthy environment for the whole family. Whether that be a family of students, friends, extended or nuclear family, everyone wants to live in a social home.


It is also the first thing prospective buyers look at when purchasing a new home. They want a workable kitchen that has the right flow so people can socialise, prepare food together yet also have enough space to spread out. That’s why when homeowners consider a house extension doing a kitchen renovation is their first port of call. But you don’t want to go willy nilly into your house extensions, you want to contemplate classic style and the latest trends to ensure your kitchen design is timeless.


So whether you’re building a new kitchen or planning kitchen renovations, read on for our top tips! Cameron-Diaz-1-358-684

Brass is Back

Rustic industrial chic is a huge kitchen trend in 2014 and it will probably get hotter as it warms up into 2015. Think stripped back wood, burnished metal furnishings and simple kitchen design and you’ve got yourself rustic industrial chic.


Metal finishes no longer have to be constrained to sterile, hospital-esque colours and appliances that are reminiscent of dental equipment. Instead brighten up your kitchen with brassy warm tones. The gold of the brass will add a glow of comfort and homeyness to your kitchen design without being over-the-top shiney metal. An extra perk is that brass can be pretty economical compared to some other materials meaning those fixtures won’t cost you too many brass razoos.

Wood Topped Islands

Firstly, kitchen islands are an absolute must. They are the epicentre of socialising allowing friends to hang out, idly chopping tomatoes while you bustle about in the kitchen. Their feng shui is the very best and most good kitchens use an island to make the most of their space.


Secondly, there’s nothing like a giant slab of wood in the kitchen. It just screams farm house, cottages, comfort food and timeless style. A wood-topped kitchen island works as a brilliant centerpiece for the kitchen. It’ll become worn with time and you may find it even looks better as it ages. Hands will naturally polish it and the odd burn mark or beetroot stain will add to that well-loved family vibe.


Thirdly a kitchen island is a relatively simple kitchen renovation to undertake that can transform the entire environment. If you have a wall between your living room and the kitchen knock it down and replace it with an island. This way you don’t lose any storage space yet open up both living spaces to aid with interior flow.


If you have any further queries or would like to start your journey towards a timeless kitchen, contact our builders in North Shore, they’re experienced in kitchen design and house extensions plus they offer helpful guidance. When you’re ready to install your brass kitchen fixtures or wood-topped kitchen island, make sure to give our Create Renovations builders in Auckland a call.