North Shore Kitchen Renovations

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Heart of the Home

What’s your favourite room in the house? For so many people (and not just Homer Simpson) it’s the kitchen. The kitchen is essential to our day to day lives; it’s where we prepare our meals, brew our life-saving morning coffees, and catch up on daily gossip. Even if your family has a busy schedule like ours, it’s the one place you’ll bump into each other morning and night.

This idea - that the kitchen is the heart and hub of the home - has been increasingly reflected in kitchen renovations and kitchen design. Picking generic, one-size-fits-all modern kitchens out of a magazine is no longer the way to go. Consumers want customisation. They want long-lasting kitchens that suit their own unique lifestyles, and provide many years of personalised comfort.


If you don’t believe me, just look at the huge boom in customised kitchen storage solutions. This trend reached new heights in 2014, and shows no signs of slowing down next year. Today I’m going to cover some of our favourite kitchen storage ideas here at Create Renovations - because not only is this kind of kitchen design in fashion - it’ll also help you get the most use and enjoyment out of your space. So whether you’re building a new kitchen or planning kitchen renovations, read on for some great inspiration!


Floor to Ceiling Cdreamstime s 37176860-818-562abinets

One trend we’re really loving right now is floor to ceiling cabinets. They’re back in fashion in a big way, and they’re great if you’re looking for small kitchen ideas. These kitchen cupboards will make the most of your available space, and minimise those pointless gaps and empty spaces which would otherwise be gathering dust. They work best with a big variety of shelf sizes, deep kitchen cupboards and drawers built in. If properly designed they can fit all of your kitchen essentials - plates, glasses, linen, pots & pans...even small appliances.


Floor to ceiling cabinets don’t have to be an eyesore, either. On the contrary, they can look as sleek or as rustic as you want. Smooth, dark monochrome doors are perfect for creating modern ambience. They give the illusion of a second wall while cleverly concealing all your items inside.


If you prefer a more homely, cottage-style look, try polished wooden floor to ceiling cabinets with antique handles. Or if you want to show off your fine sets of china, why not install cabinetry with glass windows and panels? This is a popular option for people who want their kitchen essentials on display, but is best avoided if you are self-conscious about your dining ware or you don’t like the feeling of clutter, as everything will be visible.


Hidden Appliances

A related trend which I get a lot of requests for is kitchen cabinetry designed to conceal appliances. Modern appliances can look jarring with certain kinds of decor. That’s why there’s an increasing demand for hidden appliances. Strategically designed cabinets, drawers or sliding doors can hide almost anything. Ovens, microwaves, dishwashers...even your fridge can be concealed!


There’s almost no limit to the possibilities - so plan your kitchen design to display what you want displayed, and tuck the rest away. There’s an element of fun involved with this process, and many people enjoy the feeling of ‘secrecy’ that hidden appliances add to their finished kitchen. Visitors in your home won’t know where things are tucked away, but you will.


Be Innovative!dreamstime s 39905565-313-533

And of course, the most important aspect of customising your kitchen storage is innovation! Don’t just use the ideas presented here - think about your own, unique needs. Take a walk around your existing kitchen now and write a list of the things lying around. You might have a tendency to keep your iPhone sitting on the bench, a mini TV sitting on the countertop, or drawers that are cluttered and spilling over with cutlery. Note these issues then factor appropriate storage solutions into your future kitchen design. Consider a U socket for your phone charger, a wall TV hidden behind a sliding panel, or specialised racks for hanging larger kitchen tools and freeing up your cutlery.


Here at Create Renovations, we’ve got years of experience renovating kitchens (as well as new builds) so we’re happy to provide advice about what will best suit your needs. We’ll guide you through the whole process, and help with initial conceptual plans as well as full project management and installation. So if you’re looking for an Auckland builder or in particular, a North Shore builder, get in touch. We pride ourselves on creating some of the best kitchens in Auckland. We’ll be back with more kitchen trends in a few weeks, so keep an eye on this blog!