Bathroom Renovation Cost in Auckland

Here's a quick guide to help you manage your bathroom renovation cost 

What are your bathroom renovation cost priorities?

Before you can finalise your bathroom renovation cost, you need to make a few key decisions. What scale of work do you want to complete? If it's a simple job, such as install new basin and mirror, then you will not require a huge budget. However if you are wanting to renovate your entire bathroom, including new flooring, layout, shower, basin etc, then obviously your bathroom renovation cost will be higher. Our recommendation is to write these priorities down on paper first, then start calculating costs from there.

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Bathroom Cost - Standard vs Premium

Depending on your personal preference, scale of work and quality expectations, you will fall into one of two categories.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Auckland

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1. Standard quality:

If you have a basic job to do, and a low budget to work with, this will likely where you should set your expectations. Although you don't have a massive amount of capital to complete the job, you can still get some great results by using the right team, as they'll know of good ways to introduce efficiencies when it comes to labour costs. Be mindful that you will not be looking at high end fixtures and fittings, but more basic commercial looking tapware, basins, showers or toilets in this situation. Also, if you are still weighing up how much to spend, remember that this is an investment for the long term and the more you skimp now, the more regrets you may have in the long term. Here you might be looking to spend between $15,000 and $25,000 depending on the project scope of course.

2. Premium quality:

This is where the majority of our clients like to sit as they know they will get the best possible outcome from the work that is involved. This means high-quality parts and fittings that will stand the test of time and look aesthetically pleasing. We also then have the luxury of more time for design and labour to ensure workmanship can be carried out to absolute best possible standards and include additional creature-comforts in the project like under-floor heating, mirror demisting and the best possible ventilation to avoid mildew and moisture build up. All of which are extremely important when thinking about the long-term.

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